Here are some of the articles we've written related to Hierarchy. Feel free to peruse them and provide any feedback you might have. Enjoy!
N-Dimensional Architecture with Scaling
N-Dimensional Architecture (NDA) is a relatively, new form of system architecture we developed before even the creation of Hierarchy. In fact, Hierarchy was much inspired by ideas from NDA.
An Overview of NDA
This first article is an overview of N-Dimensional Architecture. It's a fairly, easy-to-read tutorial that provides the main concepts for creating your own NDA architectures (and note, this article was actually pulled from the "Hierarchy Developer Guide").
NDA Expanded:
More Important Concepts of NDA, Universal-Data Definition and an Introduction to the Description Architectural-Pattern
This one of our favorite articles! It takes what was covered in the overview and adds in new concepts, many that have been developed quite recently. And, these ideas are not just useful for those using NDA architectures, but software engineering in general. Highly recommended!
N-Dimensional Architecture with Scaling - Part 1
This next article is the original research-paper that was written during the creation of NDA. Actually, it is broken into two parts and they're both quite long, but (in our humble opinion) still very readable. This is Part 1 of 2. These two papers were written way back in 2005 and were unpublished.
N-Dimensional Architecture with Scaling - Part 2
This is part 2 of the original research paper. And note that the second part is a draft and doesn't go into as much detail is the first.
Visions of the Future...
These next articles describe the future plans and features of Hierarchy.
The Project-Hierarchy Business Plan
We created this last year in order to figure out what direction we wanted to go, how many devs we'd need, and how long it should take.
The Future of Hierarchy - The Programmer's CMS
This article describes how Hierarchy + NDA yields the ideal framework for building all the websites of the future. It assumes you've read the "An Overview of NDA" article found above.
The Future of Hierarchy:
Distributed Persistence using Ram-Based Persistence
This is the future vision of Frictionless Persistence. Persistent matrices will be able to be distributed across multiple servers with the goal of near zero-latency of the synchronization of shared data across the server instances. A distributed application would be able run at speeds near those as if all the applications instances, services, and DB instances were running on the same server. The approach is actually not new, and is also a trend that has been developing for years. But it's an approach that is ideal for Hierarchy persistence.

NOTE: This document is initial research and needs much further development before it can be considered a valid approach! (and may just be an impractical pipe dream)