Let's change how programming is done.
Join our cause! - The core work of the meta-compiler was mainly the work of a couple of people, but now, we're at a stage where we need a few, key, talented and creative engineers to help is build out the compiler, database persistence and its ecosystem of supporting tools.

To make Hierarchy a complete tool, there are many pieces we need help on. This is where the work for the meta-compiler really begins. If you'd be interested in joining our open-source project, or know of any skilled devs that might be, please feel free to contact us. And, we don't just need devs with compiler experience, really, we just need talented devs to help on:

  • IDE Support for Netbeans and Eclipse - Things like on-the-fly syntax checking, project building, and debugging support.
  • Persistence - We need a couple devs with experience creating databases to help us connect Hierarchy to an existing, NoSQL database. A very important task!
  • The Meta-Compiler - Both devs with and without compiler experience can help on the meta-compiler. Most of the actual work dealing with the grammar is already done. So, great devs with no compiler background can help out here too.
  • Testing - We need lots more junit test cases!
  • Future Features - Not at liberty to discuss what these are at this point, but what we've released is only 30% of what we had originally planned!
All these are extremely important to making Hierarchy successful!
If you'd like to take a look at our source code, please visit our Github project.

An obvious question you may be asking is, "what do I get in return for the help?"

Well, good question. To be frank, on the more material side, working on a metacompiler for the world's most-popular language, Java, gives you instant recognition in the development world - this is what we've found at least. Most people in the industry recognize right away just how enormously challenging something like this is. And also, imagine the greater degree of influence the project will have once Hierarchy is released to the general dev community ...

But, on the less material, more idealistic side, you get to create something that is really, well, "innovative" - Yes! we know this word is tossed around way too much in our industry and is now a little grating on our ears to even hear, but we're not sure how else to describe it. Here at Project Hierarchy, we believe we really have something pretty unique. If you think about it, possibly the two most important advances in major programing languages of the last decade are Microsoft's LINQ and Javascript's JSON. These are both wonderful technologies, but in our opinion, Hierarchy is more ambitious and potentially will have more of an impact than both of these (we may be biased of course).

Also, how many dev jobs have you heard of where you as a dev where able to truly be creative? Before coming to Project Hierarchy, most of us had been in the industry for years, and as far as we can tell, the answer to this is "very, very seldom." On Hierarchy, we want to push our minds and the technology we use as far as we can. Creating something new is our core goal.

If you're interested in working on our team, please email join@projecthierarchy.org